Enamel Mug Perch
Enamel Mug Perch
Enamel Mug Perch
Enamel Mug Perch
Enamel Mug Perch
Enamel Mug Perch

Enamel Mug Perch

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  • Enamelled sheet metal.

  • 35cl.

Withstands dishwasher, stove, oven & open flame 🔥

Each copy of the mugs is made by hand in enameled steel, for the sake of feeling and durability!
Handmade makes each mug unique and you get a mug that is slightly different from all the others.
When the enamel is burned, the mugs hang in hooks attached to the inside of the handles, these hook marks are visible on most mugs on the inside of the handle and are no wonder.

The mug is UV-resistant and extremely heat-resistant ♨️.
It can handle the dishwasher without any problems and you can also use the mug as a cooking vessel or an oven dish without any problems.
Spinning a potato gratin in it is no problem at all. We have tested!

Enamel tends to be edged but the mug itself will never break *

So keep in mind that your adventures will still leave traces in the mug, so how it ages over time depends entirely on how you take care of it.

The mug is dishwasher safe, but in order for it to retain its luster and shine, we recommend hand washing

* An edge-supported mug can be used. But if you throw the mug in a volcano, drive over it with the car or reach in that style, it will not last ... do we think? 🤨


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