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Arctic silver's Micro diameter (MD) fly lines are among the thinnest fly lines on the market!
The thinner diameter of the MD lines has the following advantages:

    • Easy to cast even in windy conditions.

    • Longer throw thanks to less air resistance.

    • Gives more space on the roll.

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The new GreenVelvet is an improved version of Arcticsilver's popular Ghost lines. With a lump of 10.9 meters, this line is designed to ensure perfect lays on the water. Long and smooth casts, tight loops and minimal disturbance on the water when you land and bring home the fly!

ArcticSilver's MD lines (Micro Diameter) have an extremely low diameter, which gives the lines fantastic properties for cutting through the air. The lines are developed to provide maximum energy transfer, allowing you to cast further with less force. The low diameter gives the line nice loops in the air and a fantastic presentation on the water. With a small diameter, the line disturbs the surface of the water less, which opens up the possibility of fishing for shy fish that are usually frightened by the line. With the low diameter, the line gets less resistance from both the wind and the spurs, and you get more space on the spool. ArcticSilver's MD lines are tapered to allow both overhand and speycasting.

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